Head Coach

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CRRG Zebras (Skating Referees)

#20/70 Kent C. Forshette


NSOs (Non Skating Officials)

NSOs perform a variety of duties that assist referees with keeping order, monitoring penalties, ensuring time spent in the penalty box is accurate, as well as track of information that the teams can use to learn and improve. These vital members of CRRG are made up of skaters who are not bouting and other individuals who volunteer their time to the league. For more information about these roles or if you are interested in becoming an NSO, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join Today!

We would not have a roller derby team without skaters! If you make it into the league, you will be required to attend two weekly practices and team functions, as well as pay monthly league dues and purchase your own equipment, merchandise, and liability insurance.


We would not have a roller derby team without skaters! CRRD is currently recruiting, so fill out our form at the link below if you're interested in skating with us!

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