Cedar Rapids Roller Derby

is a team of skaters owned and run by its members. The league's primary goals are promoting community involvement, fundraising, and the sport of flat track roller derby. We will show our community the strength of all of our members through our dedication to the league and commitment to the sport of roller derby. 

Our league

is made up of adults of all ages. We come in all shapes and sizes, are from all sorts of backgrounds, and have varied interests among us. Roller derby skills include agility, endurance, and all around athletic ability, in addition to a die-hard dedication and commitment to the team and sport.

Our bouts

are kid/family friendly, with playful adult overtones. We work hard to project a positive athletic (yet playful) image to influence and empower youth and women. We’re an incredibly diverse group of athletes, yet have such a unified love of the sport. While we do occasionally get riled up in the heat of the moment, the rules of roller derby make fights pretty rare.

Our league members

are all unpaid, amateur skaters who not only practice and bout, but do ALL of the work keeping our league running. In addition to paying dues, we buy our own gear, uniforms, merchandise, and insurance. All of our coaches, refs, officials, announcers, and support staff are also unpaid. Every one of us does it for the love of the sport. In addition to playing the sport, all league members help out on the many committees that keep us running. The CRRD board and committee members are some of the hardest working and dedicated people in Cedar Rapids. Like many other leagues, CRRD strives to make the community we call home stronger and a better place to live. We donate time and money to local charities, and volunteer at many events and fundraisers.

2024 Bout Schedule

Sat. April 27th

Sat. May 25th

Sat. June 29th

Home bouts are held at
GameOn Sports CR
4655 Tower Terrace Rd,
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

Doors open at 5:30pm; bouts start at 6pm

Join Today!

We would not have a roller derby team without skaters! If you make it into the league, you will be required to attend two weekly practices and team functions, as well as pay monthly league dues and purchase your own equipment, merchandise, and liability insurance.

Be an Official!

These positions do require some training, which we can and will provide. Keep an eye on the website to find out when we are holding open calls for refs and officials. For either position, you must be 18 years of age or older, and for referees you will need basic skating skills.

Sponsor Us!

Aside from fans, we survive on the generosity of our sponsors. There are many ways you can sponsor CRRD for a reasonable fee and gain exposure for your business in the process. Now THAT'S a win-win situation!

Be a FAN!

First and foremost, we rely on our fans! Here are ways you can help: Get tickets and come cheer us on! Help us spread the word! Wear our merchandise/logo!


We would not have a roller derby team without skaters! CRRD is currently recruiting, so fill out our form at the link below if you're interested in skating with us!

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